Monday, February 17, 2014

UPDATED: Coming Up Quick

-Registration & Bib Pick Up: 8-10am @ Olympian Hall which is located at the base of Howelsen Hill in the heart of Steamboat Springs.

-$20 Early Registration Fee: We will have a direct site set up ASAP. (A Notice will be posted as soon as it is live.)  If you choose to sign up the day of, you may do so but the price is then $30. Help us out by signing up early, so we can get a good head count and save yourself ten bucks.

-Lift Tickets- Are required and will be available for competitors for $20. You can pay with a card for lift tickets.

-SSWSC has just offered up an Optional Training Day on Saturday March 1st from 12pm-3pm on the course. You will need to purchase a lift ticket for $20 and asked for a $10 donation to the SSWSC... Remember this is a fundraiser going to a good cause... We need more Banks and Burms and Less Bumps and Spandex...haha

-Snowboards Only- Sorry my two planking buddies, this is our event. There actually is a super nice looking Mogul Course near by, which I am sure will be open. All kidding aside, please come out and enjoy a good time, then follow us to the Tap House for a cold PBR on us.

-Helmets- Are strongly recommended and required if you are under the age of 18.

-PBR Afterparty- PBR will be hosting the afterparty at The Taphouse in Downtown Steamboat. More info will be presented at the race in regards to this.

 8-10am: Registration @ Olympian Hall
10-11am: Course Inspection
11:00am: Competitor Meeting @ top of course
Starting Order:
-Girls 9- Under First Run
-Boys 9- Under First Run
-Girls 10-13 First Run
-Boys 10-13 First Run
-Women Open First Run
-Men Open First Run
We will start back at the top of the order following the Mens Open Run.
-Fakie Race
-Awards will follow the Fakie Race.
-5:00pm Pabst Blue Ribbon Afterparty @ The Taphouse

Each Rider will take two runs. Only the fastest of the two runs will count. Here is the trick, You will be able to see your first run time right after your run. You will not be able to see your second run time until the awards...

-Fakie Race: Keeping with Banked Slalom tradition, there will be a One Run, Winner Take All Fakie Race at the end of the day. Competitors will be asked for a $5 Cash buy in which gets you one timed run down the course. This is open to anyone. The $5 will be asked for at the starting gate. WINNER TAKES THE POT.

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  1. So the SSWSC Snowboard Director not only runs the race but enters, wins, and walks with $600 cash. Wow. When the podium was announced I hear murmurs - "I don't think that's cool", " Is that even OK?", "Is that even legal?", "She's taking the cash?".